Another kind Thank You email with links to his publications by Irmandy Wicaksono from Indonesia, Master in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Irmandy W

Dear Mrs Schindler and Mrs Ronconi,
Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation

Thank you for your kind support throughout my ETH Master thesis that I conducted at MIT and finished in January 2017. The hard-copy of my Master thesis is currently under its way to Switzerland. I have recently graduated from my Master in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at ETH Zürich. My thesis work at the Responsive Environments Group, MIT Media Lab, which is a novel textile-based musical-controller that we call “the FabricKeyboard”, has also recently been accepted and published at the International Conference of New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2017 that I attended and presented in Copenhagen, Denmark last week.

You can access the publication here:
For more information about our project, please open this link:

I am also excited to let you know that after this, I will continue my research/study at the MIT Media Lab soon under a new group, Conformable Decoders. Again, thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to be ZKS Foundation grant recipient as it had allowed and helped me to discover and experience this new place. I would be really happy, if in the future, you decide to visit Boston, to show you around the lab and introduce our research.

Kind Regards,
Irmandy Wicaksono

Thank you letter and Research publication from Rüdiger Birkner

Sehr geehrte Frau Schindler, sehr geehrte Frau Ronconi,

vor einem Jahr durfte ich dank des Master Thesis Grants meine Masterarbeit an der Princeton University schreiben. Dieser Aufenthalt hatte weitreichende Folgen für mich. Die Forschung hat mir sehr gut gefallen und so habe ich nach dem Abschluss meines Masters an der ETH Zürich im letzten Sommer eine Stelle als Doktorand angetreten. Zudem ging aus der Masterarbeit in Princeton eine Forschungszusammenarbeit hervor, die heute noch besteht und zur Publikation meiner Masterarbeit am Symposium on SDN Research 2017 führte. Die Publikation habe ich Ihnen angehängt.

Gerne möchte ich mich bei der Stiftung und Ihnen herzlich für den Master Thesis Grant bedanken, der mir den Aufenthalt an der Princeton University ermöglicht hat.

Beste Grüsse,
Rüdiger Birkner

Ruediger Birkner’s Publication