Wonderful opening evening Bicentenary Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Welcome and exhibition at the Fitzwilliam, dinner at the oldest College in Cambridge: Peterhouse (1272)! Paola, Stella,Giulia,Lucia, Tim, Jeanine were all present.

Wonderful Opening Evening for the Bicentenary of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Welcome and Exhibition at the Museum, dinner at Peterhouse, the oldest college in Cambridge (1272

11th Annual Meeting ZKS Foundation Board in Geneva: Another 30 grants and other subsidies

Schindler’s List (ZKS Foundation Publication List) is updated. Have a look at the ZKS library!

More pictures of the ZKS 10th anniversary celebration at Montheron Abbey (by Daniele Volpe)

First pictures of the Zeno Karl Schindler 10 year celebration (by Robert Cowie), October 10, 2015