The ZKS/SAGG Award and ZKS/Walter Haug Grant Distribution Took Place this Afternoon at the SAGG’s Annual Meeting at University of Lausanne, Dorigny

The ZKS/SAGG Award 2018 goes to Dr. Kathrin Chlench-Priber, Universität Bern, for her habilitation: “Die Gebete Johanns von Neumarkt und die deutschsprachige Gebetbuchkultur des Spätmittelalters” (Bern 2017). The ZKS/Walter Haug grant goes to: MA Irmgard Fuchs , Universität Zürich for a Research stay at Universität Utrecht for her dissertation project: “Tierische ‘Treue’ und ‘Ehre’ im Wandel”.

Congratulations to Dr. Kathrin Chlench-Priber and MA Irmgard Fuchs!


This year’s laureate of the ZKS/EPFL Award: Dr. Ibrahim Dar


Dr. Ibrahim Dar

Dr. Ibrahim Dar

The ZKS/EPFL Award 2018 goes to Dr. Ibrahim Dar, Advanced SNSF Fellow at University of Cambridge, Cavendish Laboratory and Scientist at EPFL (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne) Perovskite Solar Cells, for his research work:

 <Understanding the Structural,  Morphological and Photophysical Properties of  Materials for  Their Application in Solar Cells>

Our sincere congratulations for his achievement!