The ZKS/EPFL Award 2020 goes to Francois Xavier Thibault Passelègue for his research project «The nature of fluid induced earthquakes»

François Xavier Thibault Passelègue

We, the ZKS Foundation Board, represented by Jacqueline C. Schindler, president, sincerely congratulate François Passelègue for his outstanding achievement and wish him many more in the Laboratory of Experimental Rock Mechanics LEMR , anywhere else and in general.

Unfortunately, due to new Swiss Covid-19 regulations, the ceremony for the EPFL Research Awards has been cancelled and cannot take place on October 29, 2020, as foreseen. We all hope the ceremony will take place at another date.

Meanwhile please find some links for this important project here, one is an article in SWISSINFO, the other in EPFL News:

Here are also two links to the awardee François Passelègue:

Warm Thank You from Master Thesis Grantee Brooke Zampell

Brook Zampell “Sto arrivando” at MIT, Cambridge, MA

To the ZKS community,

I am one of the recipients of the ZKS Master Thesis Grant, and I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to represent the foundation with my work. 

My thesis research was conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science. The importance of my work really came into focus in late spring, when I learned that the medical device I was studying—extracorporeal membrane oxygenation—was being used to treat the most severe COVID patients. My work suddenly became more tangible and my motivation even further strengthened.

My team at the lab was an incredible source of knowledge to learn from, providing me with a set of mentors that are greater than I could have ever anticipated. The thesis gave me a chance to prove my engineering worth, and I am incredibly proud of all I learned and accomplished. I am immensely grateful to ZKS for aiding me in such an opportunity. Thank you to everyone involved in the foundation.

Looking forward, I am now ready to apply my education in the biomedical industry. I hope to make an impact throughout my career by improving healthcare, whether with breakthroughs or small steps.

Thank you very much,

Brooke Zampell