The New Durham Resident Research Library’s at the Ushaw College and ZKS former and present fellows at Ushaw College today

It’s been the third day of the four day

Residential Research Library Inaugural Conference: Libraries, Learning and Religious Identities

(which is online now: Dr. Elizabeth Biggs and Graziana Ciola have presented their papers on the first day, but today Jacqueline Schindler could meet them and discuss their experiences with the ZKS/Lendrum/Barker fellowships. Elizabeth had finished her ZKS/Lendrum/Barker fellowship, but continued on the new RRL fellowship last summer and Graziana will have another three months. Both enjoy their experiences and the former fellow Mathew is teaching now at British Columbia University.

Wonderful evening at DurhamGreen Palace Library and Durham Castle for the new Durham Residential Research Library DRRL (former Priory Library Recreated)