Another grateful Master Project (EPFL and UC Berkeley) student’s kind words to the ZKS secretary

David Clares EPFL

David Cleres, MSc, here at the Magistrale, EPFL

Dear Mrs. Ronconi,
I am happy to announce to you that I successfully finished my program abroad in the US at UC Berkeley.
I had an outstanding time there, and we want to publish the discoveries that I made. Both of my supervisors were pleased with the work that I performed during my time in the Laboratory. This would not have been the same without the amazing help provided by the Foundation! I will be glad all my life for the provided support since it made my life so much more comfortable during my time in the US.
I also asked my supervisor that EPFL to confirm that I successfully finished my program.
Thank you once again for the trust and the support.
All the best,
David Cleres