Update from ZKS/MINIARE fellowship projects by Dr. Stella Panajotova, as there will soon be calls for new fellowship candidates

You probably don’t expect a report on the 2018 ZENO KARL SCHINDLER – MINIARE Fellow, as we have not troubled you with reports in the past. But Cambridge University now requires a report, so I attach it here. This is an opportunity for me to thank you for your invaluable support. It is indispensable for the MINIARE project, the only systematic and truly cross-disciplinary project on illuminated manuscripts, and crucial for enriching and advancing our knowledge about medieval art in general.

We are expecting vol. 2 of the 2016 Conference proceedings any moment now and I’ll forward a copy to you as soon as it arrives.

We are also working on a new Handbook on the integrated analyses of illuminated manuscripts (art + science), which Harvey Miller/Brepols Publishers invited me to prepare after the original print run and the reprint of the 2016 COLOUR exhibition catalogue sold out. The Handbook will appear before the end of 2019 and is an excellent opportunity to publish the most recent research of our 2018 Fellow.

Christmas 2018

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