New ZKS/Lendrum Priory Library Fellow, University of Durham, for 2019 announced!

Graziana Ciola on Twitter

Dr. Graziana Ciola on Twitter

Text by Geoff Watson, Development Executive – Arts & Humanities, University of Durham, Durham

We are delighted to have recently appointed the new ZKS Lendrum Priory Library Fellow for the 2019 calendar year. Dr Graziana Ciola gained her PhD at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa (Italy), and comes to us from the University of California (Los Angeles), where she has been developing research interests in the history of late medieval philosophy, medieval scientific thought and the history and philosophy of logic.

Dr Ciola’s research proposal for the ZKS Lendrum Priory Library Fellowship aims to examine the role of Richard de Bury’s Durham Academy as a meeting point between early 14th century Parisian and Oxford philosophy, along with its influence on logic and scientific philosophy at the time. She hopes to test and explore the extent to which the Durham Academy influenced the development of scientific philosophy and logical discussions around the second half of the century in Oxford, as well as its possible long echoes in Paris and, later on, in continental Europe.

To help do this, Dr Ciola intends to analyse and prepare an overview of 14th century logical and scientific manuscripts that used to belong to the Durham Priory library, and to have digitised those that have yet to be scanned. She expects to prepare an analytic catalogue of these manuscripts, along with a thematic database of the marginal annotations. She has identified ms Durham Cathedral C.IV.16 as especially relevant to her research, since it contains both Aristotle’s logic and Averroes’ commentary on Aristotle’s Physics.

Dr Ciola’s project will contribute mainly to the Priory Library academic programme’s fourth core theme (Science, Knowledge and the Natural World), but will also help to inform the Digital Recreations core theme as well. She will start with us here in Durham on January 2nd 2019.

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