Very kind thank you letter from Thomas Lew, Msc Robotics, ETH Zurich, who wishes to help other students in the future

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Dear Ms Ronconi, dear Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation,

Thank you very much for your support, it will enable me to pursue my goal and dream of pushing the limits of space exploration and to work very hard on this exciting project. Your contribution will soon orbit the Earth in the form of swiss-made space robots, constantly repairing the International Space Station and beyond.

I will be very happy to send you my thesis as soon as it is written. Do not hesitate if you have any question related to my studies and Master thesis.

Again, I want to thank you immensely for your generous support. It will allow me to work very hard on this project and I hope to someday give back to other students, helping them as a teacher or by contributing with a scholarship.

Best regards,

Thomas Lew
ETH Zurich, MSc Robotics, Systems and Control 2017-2019