Most interesting SISMEL General Assembly in Florence with ZKS/Claudio Leonardi Fellowship and ZKS/MIRABILE project presentations by ZKS/MIRABILE fellows

The president Agostino Paravini opens the General Assembly and introduces all the novelties together with Director Francesco Santini:

The ZKS Claudio Leonardi grant winner Marina Gianni explained her research work about: «Agostino fonte del Liber Glossarum. Possibili percorsi di tradizione delle glosse», «Le Liber Glossarum (s. VII-VIII). Sources, composition, réception»

The ZKS / MIRABILE fellows explain very well their work at MIRABILE (directed by Lucia Pinelli) and the challenges to work out the system of interoperability go the enormous library of SISMEL and Galluzzo (more than 300000 volumes), together with the “Corpus Corporum” in Zurich. 

After the end of he general assembly, a friendly get together at Gianni’s in Via Del Moro:

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