A wonderful progress letter from our 5th ZKS/EPFL Award of last year Dr. Endre Horvat, who exhibited his invention at the South African Innovation Summit

Dear Jacqueline,

I hope you are doing well.

It has been more than a year that our solar water sterilizer has received the generous support of the Zeno-Karl Schindler Foundation. I would like to thank you again! Let me give you a short summary where are we now.

Since lats year, we have scaled-up further the size of the filter and finalized a 30×40 prototype, which according to the laboratory tests can provide pathogen-free drinking water enough for a family. It looks like this as a grey window.

Recently, the technology has been selected as one of the five Swiss technologies representing Swiss entrepreneurs at the South African Innovation summit. This is my first time in Africa and this is the first time that I see with my own eyes how serious the water problem can be, especially in those rural areas. The prototype made the journey to here, so that people could see it and touch it. The interest was enormous. Additionally, each of us had a 2mx1m poster describing the technology.

Next step, we will put together a team and bring the prototype in such abandoned, rural areas in a selected country and we will conduct a field test under real life conditions. If the results are good, then there is a really high chance that the Swoxid-window will save lives in the future.

I wanted to ask you whether I can use the Zeno-Karl Schindler foundations logo in the support section in the future on similar occasions. This time it is written on the poster but with the logo it will look much better.

Looking forward to meeting you soon at EPFL,

Best regards,




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