If all our fellows were as grateful as this Chinese student for his Master Thesis at MIT !!!

Look what a kind email the ZKS Foundation’s Secretary has just received (for privacy reasons we skip the name etc.):


Sent: Monday, April 4, 2016 5:58 PM
To: Patrizia Ronconi
Subject: RE: RE: Confirmation of attendance

Dear Ms. Ronconi:

Thank you so much! I have received the last installment of ZKS grant. I sincerely appreciate the help of ZKS foundation. I know the reason why I can focus on my research at MIT without worrying about the living burden is because of the generous help from you. Thank you very much! 谢谢!
I wish the foundation could grow prosperously. Anyone who have received the help from ZKS foundation will remember you and Mr. Schindler through our whole life.

Best regards,

Sex, Enclosure, and Scandal in Medieval Monasteries – Medievalists.net

To a modern reader the constraints of enclosure which were so strictly enforced in medieval monasteries may seem extreme. One could argue that some oblates found themselves subjected to a position they never desired, hence acted out against the rules of celibacy and enclosure

Source: Sex, Enclosure, and Scandal in Medieval Monasteries – Medievalists.net