What a wonderful share! It should encourage other students to visit our website and apply for grants in the fields we subsidise!

As a PhD student at the University of Lugano I was granted a doctoral exchange grant by the Zeno Karl Schindler Foundation in 2013 to do an internship at
the Cornell University. My stay at Cornell was very pleasant and resulted in the publication of two research papers:

* P.J.Marandi, S.Benz, F.Pedone, K.P.Birman. “The Performance of Paxos in the
Cloud”, (SRDS 2014).

P.J.Marandi, E.Bezzera, F.Pedone. “Rethinking State-Machine Replication for
Parallelism”, (ICDCS 2014).

Although we have expressed our gratitude in the acknowledgment section of these papers, the high value of the organization’s support cannot be expressed through those lines. Through this letter we wanted to express our gratitude to the ZKS Foundation’s commitment to the education and to the support of students during their studies.

Thank you.

Parisa Jalili Marandi,

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