Isn’t it a pleasure to help: The Big Otway Tree Plant – Winter 2014: For the survival of koalas and quolls

Watch the video on youtube:

And read the thank you letter:

Dear Jacqueline,

Thank you ever so much for your very generous donation – what would we do without you?!

It is so exciting to see the little seedlings going in the ground and you have played a very important part in transforming them from trays of tubestock into what will, one day, be a vast woodland for koalas.

This is a little video of a big planting weekend we held to launch the Big Otway Tree Plant:

Once again, thank you so much.

All the best,


PS I have not been in touch with Manuelle for a little while but I know that Jack has – I’ll ask him to send you an update of where she is at. Jack is not spending much time in the office just at the moment though with all the planting to coordinate (I think he is counting trees in his sleep too!) so it may be a couple of days.

CEC Lizzie Corke

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