Thank You letter from Amaël Cohades, Scientific Assistant at EPFL, who had been to New Zealand (University of Auckland) for his Master Thesis: LCM (Liquid Composite Moulding) Processing of Nanofibre Enhanced Textile Reinforcements

I wanted to thank you personally with this letter for the incredible opportunity you provided to me with the grant you allocated me in January 2012 to perform my Master Thesis in New Zealand. Indeed, this grant allowed me to focus only on the my project without having to care about the money on the side of my studies. I spent 7 enjoyable months in New Zealand and I think produced a work of high quality as I was rewarded by a grade of 6 over 6 for this thesis. This grant allowed me thus to live in New Zealand as well as to complete my Master studies in the best conditions.

This is exactly what the ZKS Foundation aim for!

Thank You Amaël Cohades!