Thank you letter from successful ZKS Master Thesis candidate Jacques Stadlin

Jacques Stadlin’s LinkedIn profilejacques-stadlin

I conducted my Master Thesis between February 20th and August 17th 2012  in the Structures and Composite Materials Laboratory at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, under the supervision of Dr. Pascal Hubert (McGill) and Dr. Veronique Michaud (EPFL).

My Master Thesis is entitled “Out-of-Autoclave Manufacturing of Complex Shape Composite Laminates”. A specimen of my Master Thesis is attached to this letter to refurbish the ZKS Foundation’s personal library.

The defence of my Master Thesis took place three weeks ago and it went very well. I will graduate with a Master’s Degree in Material Science and Engineering on October 6th.

I had a great time in Montreal doing my Master Thesis at McGill University. And I would like to thank again the ZKS Foundation for the financial support.

We would like to thank Mr. Stadlin for allowing us to publish this letter and wish him all the best for his professional career be it academic or industrial.

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